chapter  2
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The Dynamics of Advocacy Science

WithConnie P. Ozawa

Public decision making in the United States occurs in three general arenas: decision making by elected officials; administrative decision making; and judicial decision making. Recognition of the cost of delay in public decision making has spurred interest, investment, and experimentation in ways to integrate scientific and technical information into public decision making. The Brooklyn Navy Yard site covers 13 acres in the north-eastern corner of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, bordering the East River. The site is presently for the storage of road salt, sanitation trucks, and retired city vehicles and is surrounded by other industrial lands and active residential neighborhoods. During the early years of the 1980s fishing on the Great Lakes intensified. In response to an aggressive state tourism promotion effort, sport fishing flourished. The methods for handling scientific and technical information applied in various forms of public decision making can be divided into: those designed to elicit information and those designed to settle explicit disagreement.