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The Capital of Christendom

ByChristian Elling

The worshippers, who feasted their eyes on these often brilliant scenes, created with much fantasy and a great sense of beauty, might shortly before have glimpsed the reality behind the eternal idyll of Christendom. Thousands of eyes followed the falling taper with tension and awe, and thus the crowd in the square became aware of the great height of the facade. The builder in the Quirinal, the helpless old man, had to see through the eyes of others. Camillo Pamphili in 1678 entrusted the old maestro with the building of S. Andrea al Quirinale. Prince Giambattista Pamphili had S. Pietro in Vincoli modernized and gave the interior, among other things, a new ceiling, after a drawing by Francesco Fontana, but the portico of the facade from the 15th century was not molested. Fontana's building was combined with a convent for Franciscan nuns of a very strict order.