chapter  3
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Sadat's Visit to Jerusalem

WithMelvin A. Friedlander

President Anwar Sadat returned to Cairo on November 3, 1977. Arrangements were begun immediately for the journey to Jerusalem, although few of Sadat's advisers knew of the planned visit. Sadat needed only to gain the tacit approval of that group to embark on foreign policy ventures. In November 1977 none of the officials represented a threat or could diminish Sadat's authority over foreign affairs. Certain members of the National Security Council retained important influence on the forthcoming Jerusalem visit. Intensification of the competition between Hosni Mubarak and Muhammad Abd el-Ghani Gamassy may have persuaded Sadat not to include both on the delegation to Jerusalem. Sadat was therefore served in Jerusalem and after by a team of men that shared neither his perspective nor his breadth of vision. Sadat may have informed the two Arab leaders in Cairo of his intended visit to Jerusalem. The Israeli Government was as unprepared as the Egyptian people for Sadat's proposal to address the Knesset.