chapter  6
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Meeting at Camp David

WithMelvin A. Friedlander

Anwar Sadat himself led Egypt's delegation to the Camp David meetings, while Mubarak remained in Cairo. A serious and permanent rift between Israel and its diaspora, particularly with American Jews, might result from an unsuccessful Camp David meeting. Menachem Begin similarly tailored the Israeli delegation to fit his own personal and political needs. Dayan and Weizman were Begin's senior advisers at Camp David. Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin met several times during the initial working sessions of the Camp David talks. The two leaders would not, however, come into direct contact again until shortly before they signed the Camp David agreements in the White House ten days later. American policy makers approached the negotiations at Camp David with caution. To attribute Egypt's initial position at Camp David only to Sadat's political need to placate the foreign office officials by remaining consistent with positions offered at Leeds would be simplistic and misleading.