chapter  4
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Senegal and the World

WithSheldon Gellar

Senegal’;s small population and lack of wealth have not deterred it from becoming one of the most active and influential Black African countries on the international scene. Despite some minor setbacks in the late 1980s due to difficulties with some of its neighbors, Senegal’;s diplomatic efforts have been remarkably successful in giving the nation a place of honor in various regional and international organizations. Acting as a nonaligned nation, Senegal has consistently backed anticolonial and national liberation movements in Africa, supported the Palestine Liberation Organization, and opposed superpower intervention in Vietnam, Angola, and Afghanistan. After more than three decades of independence, Senegal’;s special relationship with France remains one of the pillars of Senegalese foreign policy. The French connection is deeply rooted in modern Senegalese history. Senegal’;s special relationship with France during the Senghor era was reinforced by Senghor’;s personal loyalty to France and his acceptance of most of the premises of Gaullist foreign policy.