chapter  10
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Folklore and Medicinal Uses of Sesbania Species

ByDale O. Evans, Peter P. Rotar

S. grandiflora juices and extracts have an astringent quality, contracting body tissues and blood vessels; they are used for reducing fever, promoting fluid discharge and subsequent drying of mucous membranes and other tissues, and as antihistamines. Fresh root and poultices of leaves have been used for scorpion stings, boils, and abcesses. There are several references to use of Sesbania leaves as a stimulant to increase the secretion of milk. Powell etal. described the isolation of a cytotoxic compound from an ether extract of S. drummondii which was given the name sesbanine. Antitumor activity has been reported for the North American species S. drummondii, and brief reviews of this work have been published in popular scientific press. Hurov listed claims for medicinal activity of S. sesban in preventing smallpox and in treating chronic colds, diabetes, inflamed testicles, swollen limbs, and stomach troubles.