chapter  4
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Sesbania Species as Green Manures for Upland Crops

ByDale O. Evans, Peter P. Rotar

Sesbania species have been used as green manures for crops other than rice. In Asia, they are often grown in rotations, between rice and wheat crops for example, but occasionally they are intercropped. Singh and Sinha reported a series of experimenta in which S. bispinosa and other species were sown simultaneously in the same row as maize and then incorporated for the following wheat crop. S. bispinosa has been used as a green manure for wheat in irrigated areas of northern India. In rainfed areas, consumptive water use by subsidiary crops in rotations will have a critical effect on available soil moisture for the main crop. Sesbania species have had only limited use in the New World compared to Asia. S. exaltata, an annual species native to North America, was used as a green manure crop in Arizona and was popular in Southern California.