chapter  8
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Sesbania Species as Sources of Gums

ByDale O. Evans, Peter P. Rotar

Many Sesbania species produce both bark and seed gums which have potential value for industrial purposes. Natural gums, or mucilages, are complex polysaccharides which have a wide range of uses. Their varying physical properties are attributed to differences in the degree of branching and polymerization of the sugars. There were no references to machine harvesting of Sesbania seeds. S. bispinosa seed gums can be a marketable product; the adaptability of the plant and the presence of co-products make its seed production yet more attractive. Removal of the gum rendered the meal more acceptable as a part of a poultry ration. Examples of food products containing gums include ice cream, candy, soft drinks, beer, pastries, and heat-and-serve convenience foods. Gums aure also used in manufacture of paper, textiles, and paints, in well drilling, and in mineral assay.