chapter  9
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Nutritive Value of Sesbania Materials

ByDale O. Evans, Peter P. Rotar

Sesbania species have been considered in India as sources of leaf protein concentrate. Matai and Bagchi in Calcutta compared legumes for leaf protein yield. Sesbania leaves, flowers, pods, and seeds are sources of animal feed and to a more linited extent are also sources of food for man. Experiments in Hawaii have indicated that with some annual sesbanias including S. bispinosa, two or three cuts may be taken during a summer crop. Sesbania species have considerable potential as sources of animal feed. The perennial species are adapted to cut-and-carry harvesting methods and as such are amenable to the integration of fodder production into small farm systems. Sesbania leaves are generally considered to be excellent sources of protein to supplement protein-poor roughages in ruminant diets. The leaves have been used in experimental diets for young children in India. Leaf vegetables in general had to be offered in mixture with other foods to be accepted.