chapter  Chapter 8
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Yesterday's Future

WithM. H. Dunlop

Fredrika Bremer in 1848 was one of the last travelers to use the interior to visit the future—and not only the future but the millennium itself, which, until she herself arrived on the scene, she had believed was due to appear in the interior. The moment of Bremer's visit to the interior was also the moment of the gold rush to the Far West, and consequently the moment when the interior ceased to be, for travelers, the future. Travelers who wrote of hunting in the interior drew, within the single activity of killing animals, some careful distinctions among practitioners. Around 1840, sporting travelers began to offer readers specific advice on equipping themselves for hunting on the prairies. Some sporting travelers who had seen nothing to shoot resorted to listing wildlife once native to an area or to describing long-vanished elk and cougar. Travelers who disliked seeing children boss their elders were also uncomfortable when children emulated their elders too closely.