chapter  1
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Social Welfare Services for the Arab Population During the British Mandate

ByAziz Haidar

This chapter addresses information found in documents of the mandatory government concerning social welfare services provided to the Arab population. The mandatory government assumed responsibility for the provision of social welfare services in the Arab community. Social welfare laws remained very few and very limited in scope. Aside from activities for rehabilitating the unemployed after the war, the organization of social welfare in the Arab community had barely started. The development of social welfare services in the Arab sector took a great leap forward in November of 1942 with the publication by the mandatory government health department of a report on the extent of malnutrition among children. In 1931, the government named a “Committee for Labor Legislation,” composed of four British clerks, two Jewish representatives, and two Arab representatives. The immediate response of the Arab population was to set up welfare committees in fourteen Arab cities and towns.