chapter  3
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Needs and Social Welfare Services for the Arab Population in the 1950s and 1960s

ByAziz Haidar

The Office for Minorities mediated between the Arab population and the military administration, the Guardian of Abandoned Property, and Jewish employers in order to find jobs for those who were out of work. One of the most critical areas requiring urgent treatment among the Arab population was the area of employment. Housing for the Arab population in Israel was one of the acute problems crying out for prodigious effort and urgent action, especially the lack of housing for the refugees. In April 1965, the Ministry of Welfare published a broad survey on the welfare system in Israel. The Arab community was transformed from an economically and politically powerful majority to a small minority, weak and dependent on the policy of the new Israeli rule. The heavy caseload for the social workers in the Arab sector affected the quality of care and reduced the number of hours devoted to each family, as well as the period of treatment.