chapter  4
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Economic Needs and Social Welfare Services

ByAziz Haidar

This chapter attempts to consider groups suffering from insufficient economic needs. The expropriation of property belonging to the Arab population left this population bereft of very considerable means of livelihood and stripped it of the necessary basis to begin developing economically and adjusting to the new conditions. In Israel, the Mossad L’Bituah Leumi plays a central role in treating problems of disadvantage of all kinds, but mainly problems of economic need. The most conspicuous case in the history of social insurance in Israel to reflect the relative broadening of universal principles as against selective principles is the change in the integrated system of reductions and child allowances tied to the tax reform of July 1975. In the State of Israel, the role rests with the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and with other government ministries; and the central agency for dealing with problems of economic need is the Mossad L’Bituah Leumi.