chapter  8
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Social Welfare Services and the Needs of Arab Youth in Israel

ByAziz Haidar

This chapter addresses those aspects of the educational system which more or less directly impact the welfare of Arab youth. Arab youth in Israel have become conspicuous as a social category with its own unique needs as a result of the drastic changes which have taken place in the shape of the economy, and the impact of these changes on other areas. The foregoing discussion of leisure facilities for youth reveals that very few such facilities exist in the Arab sector, and those are most restricted in their activities. The problems of Arab youth in the State of Israel are only a part of the problems of the Arab sector as a whole, and particularly in the realm of delivery of basic services. The public services are extremely inadequate quantitatively and are on the lowest level qualitatively; social welfare services are accounted luxuries and as a result, many are simply nonexistent — preventive services and treatment service both.