chapter  4
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Debate over Problems of Conflict and Settlement

ByIlana Kass

In the period of June-October 1967, the dispute among the three organs under investigation focused on the nature and origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict and on its solution. Pravda brought the debate into the open, publishing in July and August a series of articles by two of its senior commentators, Beliaev and E. Primakov. During 1968 a clear divergence developed, again separating Pravda from Izvestiia and Krasnaia zvezda. The disagreement between the Pravda group on the one hand and the Izvestiia and Krasnaia zvezda groups on the other hand appeared to stem from and reflect divergent perceptions of the Soviet position in the Arab East. The Soviet Union does whatever is in its power to bring about a political settlement. Pravda considered Israeli “intransigence” as the main cause of tension in the Middle East, accusing the US “only” of “encouraging” and “supporting” the Israeli aggression through political and military aid.