chapter  6
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Leadership Attitudes

WithRobert T. Huber

Shevchenko provides some clues to leadership attitudes from his own personal experiences with the Soviet leadership. For example, Brezhnev is believed to have regarded one of the important aspects of the SALT process to be that it could put pressure on Congress to reduce military spending. Given the relative lack of information the most valuable source available on leadership attitudes comes from the reports of Congressional delegations to the Soviet Union that have met with members of the Politburo and the Central Committee Secretariat. Reports from these delegations, together with interview research conducted with some of the participants, is the basis for the following appraisals of Soviet leadership attitudes. Only one Congressional delegation, the Pell delegation in August, 1983, met with Yuri Andropov when he was General Secretary and none met with him during his previous years on the Politburo.