chapter  1
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The Political Economy of the State in Mexico: An Overview

WithJames M. Cypher

Political economists seek to understand both economic policymaking and the forces behind economic dynamics. Development economists have been forced to cast their net wider than most because they are concerned with social transformations—by definition "development" demands profound structural change. In Mexico a debate rages as to where the country should be located in terms of the evolutionary scale. Mexico's economy should be described as one suffering from the effects of a profound disarticulation of nonhomogenous forms of production. The neglect of technology must penetrate and define the owners and managers of the Mexican economy. In other words, with important exceptions, the dynamics of technical change are not intrinsic norms and rhythms that regulate the very existence of the managerial apparatus of Mexican society. The modern Mexican economy, and its state, emerged from the complex metamorphoses as a synthesis of diametrically opposed elements. Capitalist forces were to be found. The legacy of the merchant capitalist era had not been completely destroyed.