chapter  10
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Independent Practitioners

ByDouglas R. Mackintosh

Many independent health practitioners other than physicians deliver health care—although discussions and texts on health care delivery systems often ignore them. These practitioners make a significant contribution to the well-being of health consumers, some of them have been in a constant battle with organized medicine for recognition and survival. For Christian Scientists, healing is accomplished through prayer, either directly through reading Science and Health or indirectly through a Christian Science practitioner. There are approximately 5,000 Christian Science practitioners in the United States. The doctrine of separation of church and state seems to protect Christian Science practitioners; both they and Christian Science families are free to practice their religion with almost no infringements—no malpractice and no licensure. Voodoo practitioners usually worked separately and in competition; they developed a mixture of snake worship, charms, Catholic rituals, fortune-telling, blackmail, and prostitution. Charms, amulets, talismans, secret potions, gris-gris, and topical ointments were prescribed for everything from chest pains to marital problems.