chapter  14
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Future Delivery of Health Care: Emerging Concepts

ByDouglas R. Mackintosh

Automated Multiphasic Health Testing originated from periodic medical examinations and industrial health programs. Computers can be used in the health planning process: in determining where to locate new facilities and expand existing facilities, in designing health care facilities, and in analyzing information for utilization and peer review. The overwhelming emphasis in the delivery of health care is with curing sickness. There is increasing interest in designing facilities that can accommodate the well and the "early sick" without drawing away large amounts of medical resources from treatment of the sick. Sidney Garfield of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals has proposed a new delivery system to separate the sick from the well. In the system proposed, a central medical center would provide sick care, and four or five "outreach" neighborhood centers would provide health testing, health care, and preventive care.