chapter  16
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Two Directions for a Health System

ByDouglas R. Mackintosh

The delivery of health care can go in only two directions: toward less government involvement or toward more government involvement. Many individuals feel that the United States lacks a single system of medical care. Hospitals will share their resources and not attempt to provide complete medical care. All hospitals in each medical service area must have their services so interrelated that the entire regional system should function as a single institution, with appropriate division of labor among constituent hospitals. An areawide emergency medical care system with a communications network, a transportation system, trained manpower, emergency treatment centers, and a central emergency authority should be developed. Creation of a quasi-independent Federal Board of Health to document the potential for health improvement and provide a solid basis for specific programs. The board would set administration policy, propose legislation, recommend priority in federal health spending, and establish a national health code of board regulations concerning medicine and medical care.