chapter  6
23 Pages

Nontariff Barriers to Trade in Meat and Livestock

WithJimmye S. Hillman

This chapter examines health and sanitary regulations in relation to trade in meat and considers livestock but other nontariff measures which impede or distort in agricultural products and provides some examples of barriers to trade. The restrictions used in trade in meat and livestock include tariffs a variety of nontariff measures such as specified dyes for marking carcasses the use of veterinary services and meat inspectors specified shipping documents and health and sanitary rules and regulations. One major class of nontariff barrier in meat and livestock industry derives from legislation and regulations relating to the control of disease and parasitic problems in cattle the spread of which can in some cases be harmful to consumers and costly to producers. Consumers expect their governments to ensure that meat sold by suppliers is safe to eat, while producers rely on governments to prevent infection and to minimize the spread of parasites and disease, especially contagious diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease or aftosa.