chapter  6
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Significance and Implications of Technology Export from the Socialist Countries

WithJan Monkiewicz, Jan Maciejewicz

An assessment of the importance of technology export from the socialist countries requires placing this phenomenon in a wider context. Export of technology per se is rarely the aim in itself. Technology is too low-priced to be attractive as an independent export item or to put it more precisely, it is much more profitable if it is accompanied by some other inputs whose export it is supposed to generate. Socialist countries do not represent an exception to this general rule. Between so well-defined elements of technological capability and technology export clear-cut relationships might be identified. Thus production capability will be reflected in export of technical services related to the operation and maintenance of production facilities. Investment capability will be reflected in export of consulting, eningeering, and construction services and the turn-key plans deliveries. Available data suggest that quite a good number of licences exported from the socialist countries to the Western Hemisphere were non-commercialized at home.