chapter  9
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The Alaskan Park System

WithWilliam C. Everhart

Alaska is a peninsula, the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Its coastline, measuring 35,000 miles, is in view of Russian Siberia and reaches to within 1,000 miles of Japan. The Alaska Range, snow covered year round, stretches across central Alaska. Between the Brooks and the Alaska ranges is the Yukon River Basin, referred to as interior Alaska, an immense expanse of low relief containing large bands of permafrost, tundra, and numberless lakes, a splendid nesting ground for waterfowl. Archeologists have not yet uncovered unarguable evidence that would prove when the first humans arrived in Alaska. In 1969 Secretary Udall and the Park Service had placed before President Lyndon Johnson national monument proclamations covering 7 million acres in Alaska, which required only his signature. The Park Service will be closely associated with the Eskimos in the administration of several new parks.