chapter  4
33 Pages

Structural Change in Canadian, United States, and European Agriculture

WithGeorge L. Brinkman

This chapter provides an assessment of recent structural changes in Canada, the US, and the European Community. It summarizes the major components of structural policies in Canada, the US, and the European Community. The chapter deals with the major structural dimensions and changes of structural conditions of individual farms, and explores macro/structural characteristics of the agricultural sectors in the various countries. In the United States as well, structural issues have traditionally been addressed through commercial agricultural and development policies, rather than through specific structural policies. The importance of farm structure in the agricultural policy of the United States has fluctuated widely over time. The farm orientation of the farm operator is reflected in structural statistics by days of off-farm work and commitment to farming as one’s primary occupation. Farmers in Canada and the US have seen prices paid go up considerably faster than prices received, while these price relationships have been maintained at a constant ratio for the European Community.