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WithJames G. Savage

One consequence of the 1989 International Telecommunications Regulation (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference will be the diffusion of International Consultative Committees (CCI) power through the establishment of elected directors. This change is being made with the intent of enhancing developing country power in the CCIs, but it will inevitably render decision-making in the CCIs a less straightforward process. The ITU has tacitly accepted the norms and has sought to accommodate such "facts of life" in its behavior, negotiating contexts, structure, and regulatory functions. But even if there is a general acceptance of the limits of ITU ability, the Union must nevertheless accept the challenge of at least attempting to reach agreements in spheres of activity where the likelihood of success is remote. Countries can express their displeasure with one another through the international forums only provided by the ITU. The ITU has been a fundamental ingredient in the rapidly changing, unstable communications order.