chapter  IV
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The Party's Control System in the Military

ByRoman Kolkowicz

Most military establishments resemble one another in organization, structure, and routine. They are predictable organisms, because they operate according to a rigid formula of explicit procedures that make for stable relationships among the various levels of the hierarchy. The Soviet Party leaders are very well aware or the disruptive effects of having multiple sources of authority within individual military units. The Military District, the Force Group, and the Fleet represent the second plateau of the military hierarchy, the Military District being the main territorial-administrative unit of the Soviet army. Zhukov, during his tenure in the Ministry of Defense, attempted to stress the commander's authority over that of the Party-political organs. The main operational center of the political control system is at the level of the soedinenie, or larger unit. The Political Section of the soedinenie plans, directs, and controls the activities of all subordinate levels.