chapter  3
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The Soviets and West European Security Cooperation, 1985-1989

WithRobbin F. Laird

This chapter analyzes Soviet views on the military integration process of Western Europe in the Gorbachev era, with special attention accorded to the security policy of Western Europe's three leading military powers: France, Great Britain and West Germany. The analysis is divided into two approximate periods that reflect significant shifts in Soviet positions. The first period runs from mid-1985 into 1987; the second period covers late 1987 to 1989. The expansion of the European allies' activities in the security field was also interpreted as a reaction to US pressure to increase Europe's contribution to Western defense. In early 1987, G. V. Kolosov believed that North Atlantic Treaty Organization Eurogroup had received the most attention from West European integrationists. During 1987, as the Soviet Union and the United States moved toward a nuclear arms reduction agreement, Soviet analysis of West European military integration changed. Integration of the European arms industry was also depicted in Soviet publications as having matured.