chapter  8
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The Soviets and the New Federal Republic of Germany: Dealing with the New Europe

WithRobbin F. Laird

This chapter identifies the specialized journals and press. Articles published in the foreign policy journals are the special focus of attention. The period covered is from mid-1989 to the end of 1990. The chapter concerns the Soviet approach to the new Europe emergent from the debate about German unification. It discusses the main thrust of the domestic tendencies and their foreign policy consequences. In general, the range of opinion on themes presented in the specialized foreign policy fall into three categories: reformist, centrist, and conservative the differences in these positions revolved largely around how threatening German unification was to Soviet or Russian interests. The reformists emphasized the central role of Germany to the European construction process. But by the summer of 1990, the Gorbachev administration had accepted German unity within a Western context. At this point, the focus shifted to trying to define the new Europe within which Germany would operate.