chapter  7
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Themes, Societal Fantasies, and Daily Life

ByMark Gottdiener

A creative blending of popular cultural motifs along with an overarching theme of Hollywood cinema were sufficient. For many years people have been attending family celebrations that involve some contemporary themes along with those deriving from religious or ethnic culture. The consumption-dominated, themed economy is tied to the production of desires through information flow and image circulation on the one hand, and the flow of money from consumers to businesses on the other. Themed environments derive inspiration from Hollywood, rock music, and other media industries. The same codes structure the restaurant chains of the Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood. The urban ambiance created by malls, airport retailing spaces, theme parks, and new city simulations such as CityWalk works because they are controlled spaces. The theme of progress has been celebrated for hundreds of years in public events such as world's fairs and in commodity advertisements on television.