chapter  1
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Chemical Weapons Inspections

WithKathleen C. Bailey

This chapter outlines Iraqi chemical weapons (CW) capabilities, describes briefly the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) chemical weapons missions, and analyzes the missions to define lessons applicable to drafting and implementing a potential Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). Iraq developed multiple modes for delivering its CW agents. Inspectors initially discovered seventy-five chemical warheads for ballistic missiles, including GB/GF-filled and binary warheads. In addition to delivery by missile, Iraq’s chemical arsenal included aerial bombs, artillery rockets, artillery shells, modified cluster bombs, and mortars. The purpose of UNSCOM 2, the first CW inspection, was to survey Al Muthanna and to prepare a description to be used in a subsequent full inspection. UNSCOM 11, the third CW inspection, was designed to visit a minimum of two sites at which chemical munitions had been declared to be stored and one undeclared site, Fallujah General Headquarters.