chapter  4
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Ballistic Missile Inspections

WithKathleen C. Bailey

This chapter presents a description of the Iraqi ballistic missile program, provides an outline of the United Nations Special Commission missile inspections, and lessons from the missions relevant to implementing inspection regimes. Iraq acquired FROG and Scud B launchers and missiles from the USSR in the early 1970s. Thereafter, Iraq began a program to produce ballistic missiles indigenously and by 1990 had an impressive infrastructure for developing, producing, deploying, and using ballistic systems. This effort included both liquid and solid-fueled missiles. One sophisticated missile under development was the Badr 2000, which was a virtual copy of the Condor II being developed by a joint venture of Iraq, Argentina, and Egypt. From February 1988 through the end of Desert Storm in 1991, the Iraqi missile program’s operational capability was centered on the Al Hussein liquid-fueled missile, which was derived from the Soviet Scud.