chapter  6
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WithKathleen C. Bailey

The case of inspections in Iraq has been unique. Defeated in war, subject to anytime-anywhere inspections, and with the constant threat of renewal of hostilities in event of noncompliance, Iraq nevertheless was defiant and crafty. In a related vein, there may have been opportunities missed for valuable help in defining and overcoming Iraq’s camouflage, concealment, and deception practices. Russia could have volunteered experts in camouflage and deception practices to help disclose some of the techniques employed by Iraq. Unless the international community is as politicized and committed as it is in the case of Iraq, a culprit may escape ramifications even if violations are strongly suspected. Iraq ended a stand-off with United Nations Special Commission inspectors in front of the Agriculturai Ministry on July 22, 1992, after denying them access to a site.