chapter  3
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The Resiliency of the Revolutionary Guard

ByKenneth Katzman

The Revolutionary Guard's strength as an institution in revolutionary Iran has resided in its ability to adapt to changing and difficult circumstances and to parry the challenges leveled against it since its formation in 1979. The measurement of political resiliency refers to the Guard's ability to repulse the several political challenges to its growth and development. The Guard's involvement in the political power struggle against Bani-Sadr also greatly bolstered its influence with its patrons in the Islamic Republican Party (IRP). To the IRP, the Guard had proven had proven to be a useful element in helping the clerics solidify their control. In 1982, when the Iranians expelled Iraq from Iranian soil, the war was transformed from one of national survival to a true revolutionary war in which the power of the Islamic revolution to spread beyond Iran's borders was at stake.