chapter  2
26 Pages

“Cancel that flight to Delhi …”

Serpentine Gallery, London 2008
ByCathrine Bublatzky

This chapter starts with the first venue of the Indian Highway exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London (2008) and the accompanying conference. With an introduction to the exhibition site at Serpentine Gallery, its special exterior installation, and the first edition of the “show within the show”, some main critique on the exhibition and media reactions are demonstrated. In the second half, the discussion turns towards practices of curating, and with a specific focus on global curators, also called jet-set-flaneur, the notion of transcultural curation and reciprocity is investigated. In the last subchapter on the metaphor of the highway, the discussion turns towards some insights into the conference and the artist-curated “show within the show” Steps Away from Oblivion by the Raqs Media Collective. In emphasising different narrations of how it is to sense the world differently, they seem to meet ideas on translocal and transcultural aspects that are discussed, along with approaches by Nancy Adajania and Ranjit Hoskote.