chapter  7
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Shared exoticisms or the limits of the national exhibition

Some final observations
ByCathrine Bublatzky

With some excurses and critical comparison between the Indian Highway at MAC(Lyon), the Paris-Delhi-Bombay exhibition in Paris, and the Indian Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale, this final chapter turns back in time to 2011 and identifies a controversial moment in exhibiting contemporary Indian art in Europe and the on-going dilemma of interpreting art as a national representation. With a comparison of these exhibitions and European and Indian curatorial strategies of displaying contemporary Indian art internationally, curatorial and artistic positions beyond exoticism and Indianness are introduced along with insights into the Indian Pavilion. After a brief recap of this book, a discussion on questions of identity, location, and belonging in reference to conversations in India follows to again problematize the situation. The book closes with an epilogue when the author travelled for a last time to India in 2014, only two years after the last venue of Indian Highway in China.