chapter  Chapter 5
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Putting it all together

ByHanky Sjafrie

This chapter examines the steps required to prepare for self-driving vehicle (SDV) development, some walk-through examples of processes such as installing sensor drivers and reading vehicle data, and a discussion of SDV testing. The calibration process determines a sensor’s precise location relative to the vehicle and its surroundings and ascertains whether it differs from the default parameters. The chapter provides a discussion of Open Source Car Control (OSCC), a by-wire control kit designed to enable computer control of a modern vehicle. OSCC allows users to connect to a vehicle’s internal control system, including its communications network. OSCC has been developed to work with a specific, readily available, donor vehicle. OSCC is a fully open source vehicle control project which intends to open up SDV development to a larger audience. The OSCC project makes extensive use of the Arduino family of open-source microcontroller boards. OSCC software consists of the necessary firmware for all the Arduino boards.