chapter  Chapter 6
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Other technology aspects

ByHanky Sjafrie

Functional safety compliance gives customers the assurance that the vehicles are safe to use, and meet a commonly accepted safety standard, regardless of the vehicle brand, model, and technology details. Supporting processes refer to processes/activities that are not specific to one particular safety lifecycle phase, but are essential for achieving functional safety, and traceability. The recommendations and requirements for the safety management are divided into three categories, namely the overall safety management, safety management during concept and development phase, and safety management from production onwards. In the context of electronic/electrical systems such as Self-driving vehicles (SDVs), safety usually means the absence of unreasonable risks due to system malfunction, and thus implies protection against unintentional events. The chapter investigates some of the system design considerations for developing secure SDVs using a multi-leveled system approach, i.e., hardware, software, in-vehicle network communication and external communication levels. Road works undoubtedly create one of the most difficult driving scenarios for SDVs.