chapter  Chapter 7
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Applications and outlook

ByHanky Sjafrie

This chapter presents some examples of where self-driving vehicle (SDV) technology is being applied, and looks at two emerging trends: one related to the development strategy and the other related to the involvement of Artificial Intelligence, particularly deep learning. It discusses some expected applications for SDV technology, both in transportation and non-transportation use cases. Autonomous public shuttles are arguably the SDV use case that is likely to reach the highest levels of automation in the near future. Driverless parcel delivery vehicles and delivery drones are two prominent examples of SDV technology applications to mitigate the last mile delivery issues. The chapter looks at some of the most promising use cases for SDV technology, both in the transportation context and in other contexts. Beyond transportation, SDV technology promises to revolutionize agriculture and could be the basis for autonomous robots used for things like security patrolling.