chapter  5
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To what extent are the two police forces trusted by their citizens?

ByGeorge Chak Man Lee

The traditional public surveys on trust for the Chinese and Indian police indicate that the PSB enjoys a substantially higher level of trust than the Indian police. But, factors such as national pride, willingness to criticise state authorities, political legitimacy and level of citizens’ trust of those in power, as well as, influence of the media all may play a part in the survey results. This book adopts a different approach to the traditional survey method and provides further evidence that the PSB is held in higher esteem and enjoys a greater level of public trust than the Indian police. This is because of the effects of corruption at every level and in all walks of life in India have eroded trust both citizen-to-citizen and citizen-to-state generally, as well as, trust and respect for the police in particular. The resultant situation of Indian citizens’ unwillingness to interact with police or to act as witnesses can have potentially serious consequences for police effectiveness and community safety.