chapter  Chapter One
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Introduction: Past, Present and Future

ByWalter Roy

The Cambridge University Local Examinations Syndicate joined forces with the East Anglian Certificate of Secondary Education (C.S.E.) Examinations Board to form the first consortium to offer 16+ examination in five subjects - mathematics, geography, English, technical drawing and biology. The Schools Council, the teachers' unions and the C.S.E. examination boards themselves, provided the impetus for a movement, and certainly responded to it. Some of the features of the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) were inevitably reproduced in C.S.E.: the secondary school curriculum was subject orientated, and it followed that the new examination had to be a single subject examination. Apart from the concept of national criteria, the new examination, to be known as the General Certificate of Secondary Education, differs in a number of important aspects from both the G.C.E. and C.S.E.: the target group is to be almost the whole of the school population.