chapter  Chapter Two
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Subjects and Syllabuses: The National Criteria

ByWalter Roy

The philosophy of the Certificate of Secondary Education was in many respects diametrically opposed to that of the General Certificate of Education: syllabuses were seen as tools giving the maximum opportunity for teachers to reflect the individual characteristics of their localities, their schools and their individual pupils. The core relates to the basic terminology used in economics, differences between public and private sectors, the functioning of organisations and institutions such as trade unions and banks, trends and sequences in population growth, unemployment level, investment, inflation and national income, some reference to economic growth, entrepreneurship and basic economic theory. National criteria consists of one set of ground rules known as the general criteria, and another set, applying specifically to a number of subjects, designated subject specific criteria. The criteria published for English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computer studies, French, craft, design & technology, music and classical subjects, are roughly equal in length and detail.