chapter  Chapter Three
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Assessment and Certification

ByWalter Roy

The main components of assessment are spelt out in considerable detail in the general criteria and are reflected in the publications of the Secondary Examinations Council. In stating specifically that there should be neither a minimum nor a maximum age for taking the new examination, the General Certificate of Education rather than the Certificate of Secondary Education (C.S.E.) model is adopted, although the insistence on including substantial proportions of school based assessment follows the C.S.E. philosophy and practice. The insistence that school based assessment should be part of the new examination is, on the one hand, a recognition of the success of this method of examining by the C.S.E. sector, and on the other, a distinct and important move away from the philosophy of purely external examining. The C.S.E. boards collage their statistics nationally, so that regional variations are shown up sharply when percentages are compared across the country.