chapter  Chapter Four
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G.C.S.E. Inside the School

ByWalter Roy

The role of the head in General Certificate of Secondary Education (G.C.S.E.), should be seen as primus inter pares, leading a staff of professional teachers in order to advance the educational interests of the pupils. This will inevitably mean talking in plain language to resource providers, politicians and parents, a necessary skill heads should possess, with that degree of firmness one may expect from persons exercising a high degree of responsibility. The task is a demanding one for heads of secondary schools, most of whom are overworked, and in a stressful professional situation since the impact of industrial action both in 1984 and 1985. Whatever the outcome of the dispute between teachers and the employers, whatever the rights and wrongs claimed by various parties, the additional workload and stress on heads and deputies, and other senior personnel in schools should be clearly understood and appreciated by all parties concerned with G.C.S.E.