chapter  Chapter Five
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The New Examining Groups

ByWalter Roy

The emergence of the Southern Group model links the concept of a unitary approach with the devolution of some responsibility to local groups and also recognises the historical role of the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E.) boards. The whole Certificate of Secondary Education (C.S.E.) system was designed deliberately to maintain regional and local links between schools and examining boards. The C.S.E. boards whilst allowing for minority interests, are largely composed of teachers and representatives of local education authorities. The Council, which consists of representatives nominated by the Secretary of State, a radical break with the tradition of elected representatives of member interests, has set up nineteen G.C.E. subject committees and a steering committee dealing with in-service training. The creation of a new examining system for the nation's schools is a major undertaking for all pupils, teachers, and examination boards, requiring the vision and commitment of the pioneer.