chapter  Chapter Six
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G.C.S.E. - Through Students' Eyes

ByWalter Roy

A perusal of minutes of meetings, letters to the press, procedures at teachers' conferences, policy statements, whether they eminate from central government, local authorities, the teachers' organisations, or research bodies, contain very few, if any, references to the pupils' point of view. It is interesting and perhaps significant that the literature relating to public examinations contains practically no examples of what the pupils who take the examinations think of it all. Perusal of the themes which featured most frequently in the pupils' answers correlates reasonably closely with matters which were felt to be of concern by teachers. However, what emerged strongly from the answers is the concern with the quality of the relationship between pupils having different examination targets. The new General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations appear to be a very good idea since they establish a common basis upon which examinations can be viewed.