chapter  9
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The consultancy stage

The ‘third’ dimension in the engagement between client and consultant
ByFrancesca Cardona

Physical spaces have a powerful role in enhancing, inhibiting and developing psychological work, and can strongly influence the consultancy engagement. The choice of location, space, furniture and colour can convey key elements of the organizational culture and task, which in turn helps us to understand the wider context in which the work takes place. The consultant’s experience of working in different settings can also influence her creativity and capacity to think: ‘A building is not an end to itself; it frames, articulates, restructures, gives significance, relates, separates and unites, facilitates and prohibits. Vine’s organizational stage provides a sense of continuity, history and a feeling of being special. The potential disadvantages of the virtual element and the physical distance are balanced by the connection with a familiar base that might create more possibilities. The family had experienced many difficulties and conflicts among themselves both in their personal and business roles.