chapter  4
28 Pages

England Redeemed

The Road, the Rose, and the Dream
WithMaxim Shadurski

Chapter 4 analyses how England’s redemption becomes contingent on locomotion, biological engineering, and psychoanalysis. Drawing on H. G. Wells’s Men Like Gods (1923) and The Dream (1924), the chapter highlights the diptych’s annihilation of spatio-temporal relations in an attempt to redress Liberalism’s recession from the UK politics. Both the English protagonist of Men Like Gods and his Utopian counterpart of The Dream embrace a vantage point that merges their respective Liberal leanings and historiography, and the profoundest appreciation of Utopia matches the most thorough undoing of England’s wronged past. In tethering itself to the national context, the Wellsian utopia constrains its earlier emancipatory commitments and remains wary about an absolute freedom.