chapter  IV
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The Extremities of the Political Condition

WithM. Seliger

Arbitrariness from within ‘produces effects very little different from foreign conquest’. The injury is the same ‘whether they are made slaves to any of their own, or a foreign nation’. The terms of lawful conquest are the terms by which individuals may rightfully defend themselves against thieves and robbers when the common superior is of no avail, or against the ruler who puts himself in a state of war with his society. One economic-cum-political condition must be fulfilled to permit members of one nation to sequestrate land in another nation’s territory. Nations who ‘have consented to the use of money’ are usually not possessors of waste land, and their territories are immune because they are parties to ‘the leagues that have been made between several states and kingdoms, either expressly or tacitly disowning all claim and right to the land in the others’ possession'. The justification of slavery in the Treatises is presented in terms of universal applicability.