chapter  Chapter 8
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Trauma-Informed Assessment: Expanding Case Conceptualization

ByLisa Compton, Corie Schoeneberg

In this chapter, we review the process by which trauma-related problems and symptoms develop over time. In mental health, symptoms are frequently organized and summarized through the use of a mental health diagnosis, and an overview of the various trauma-related disorders outlined by the DSM-5 is provided. Frequently, trauma symptoms present in a variety of ways, and the incorporation of assessments can be a helpful clinician resource in sifting through problems, understanding the client, and developing a holistic conceptualization of client problems and strengths. The various types of assessments are presented, including an overview of the clinical utility and limitations of these types of tools. Case examples are presented to illustrate the concepts, and the chapter concludes with a keyword assessment, list of experiential activities, and supervisory discussion topics.