chapter  Chapter 4
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Parallel Process: Risks and Rewards in Trauma Work

ByLisa Compton, Corie Schoeneberg

In this chapter, the dynamic of professional risks and rewards in trauma work is discussed as we address the potential occupational hazards, such as vicarious traumatization, compassion fatigue, and burnout, and then explore the preventive and protective measures for these challenges, such as the practice of emotional separation, limited elected exposure, and wellness and self-care. While emotional and psychological risks are inherent when providing care in the aftershocks of trauma, this chapter also highlights the powerful opportunities for rewarding experiences and positive outcomes for the professional, including compassion satisfaction, vicarious resiliency, and vicarious posttraumatic growth. Case examples are presented to illustrate the concepts, and the chapter concludes with a keyword assessment, list of experiential activities, and supervisory discussion topics.